An initiative of Tipperary County Council Library Service
An initiative of Tipperary County Council Library Service

How to use the archive

How to search

Type the ‘surname, initial of forename (e.g. Abbey, J)’ in the Surname’ prompt box; upper or lower case letters may be used. There is no need to put in a full stop after the ‘initial’ letter.

Please hit return

If there are too many entries returned, you may wish to only use the full forename rather than the initial, and then search once more. Names like Smith, James and Smith, John will return several entries.

What information is included?

The Ireland’s Great War Dead database includes the following information:

  1. The name of the person who died during the Great War period.
  2. The regiment or service in which the person served, where such is known.
  3. The Serial Number, where known, of each individual.
  4. The residence associated with each person. This may include the town/county in which they were born; the town/county where they resided or were associated with during their life.
  5. Details of next of kin where such is known.
  6. The cemetery where a person is buried and / or commemorated.
  7. Details of their career, death as recorded in the contemporary press or subsequent books or websites.

Can I use the information?

The information may be used once source is attributed.

Where can I get further information?

There are a list of various website URLs listed on the ‘Resources’ tab on the top right of this website.